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Maine Cat 38 Offshore Sailing Adventures


Sail into the mystic!

What is it about sailing beyond the sight of land that is so alluring and awakening to our senses? Is it the clarity of the night sky, absence of civilization's noise, or the feeling you are finally in total control of your destiny? Maybe it is just the awesome natural beauty of the wind across the blue seas and the freedom its power offers us all to escape? When you have the confidence to deliver your vessel and crew safely to your next land fall, all dreams are possible for your next adventure to harbors farther over the horizon. Where do you want to take your boat and the possibilities?

As a builder of fast offshore cruising catamarans, I believe more folks, including myself, should have the opportunity to share in this experience more often. To that end, Maine Cat will be kicking off its offshore sailing adventures from Hope Town Harbor, Abaco to Bremen Maine in June of 2016. The legs are short, being three to four days in length to fit into anyone's busy land schedule. We are also limiting the number of passengers to two adults to make this a very personal and intimate crewed charter.

Over the past 20 years, Capt. Ralph Drahos has delivered the majority of our 130 Maine Cats. I often say he knows more about our boats than I do. In addition to mostly East Coast offshore Maine Cat deliveries, Capt. Ralph has added three trans-Atlantic catamaran deliveries, nine deliveries to Hawaii and numerous deliveries up and down the West Coast. I just completed a unique delivery with Capt. Ralph right before Thanksgiving this year from Delaware to Maine. Great experience to learn from a true professional Captain on how to do it right.

Capt. Ralph's wife Arlene is chef and first mate with almost as many sea miles as Capt. Ralph. She is a fantastic cook and offers an educational experience just watching her create delicious meals while bobbing around in the ocean. Better yet on watch, she has the best pair of eyes for spotting flotsam I have ever witnessed. While sailing at dawn with Arlene and Capt. Ralph, several years back on a new MC 41 up the East River in NYC, she saved us from several log bumps.

Want to have some fun at sea on a hot new performance catamaran with the best crew and captain around, sign-up for a 3 or 4-day leg and have an experience of a life time sailing level at wind speed. Regardless of your current experience this adventure will be the one you will talk about for years. Give Maine Cat a call at 207-529-6500 or email Lynn at to reserve your leg. Thanks for sailing with us., 

Dick Vermeulen